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Louisiana Plantations

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Louisiana Plantation Tours: Oak Alley, San Francisco and more
Embrace the historical past of Louisiana with an array of educational Plantation Tours. Journey through Louisiana’s past as you catch glimpses of the restored Oak Alley Plantation or visit the San Francisco Plantation renowned for its architecture. Book your reservations on-line today! Louisiana Plantation Tours, River Road Plantations!
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These Louisiana Plantations are over 100 miles from the city of New Orleans
This list of Louisiana plantations is for fun informational purposes only.
Not ALL plantations are listed. These plantations may be in private hands and not available for the public to see. Many may be gone (burned, torn down, etc.) I have compiled this list for enjoyment by history buffs and the like. Check out our Louisiana Plantations for Tours and Weddings category page for more information on available plantation tours and plantation wedding venues.
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Louisiana Plantations 100 miles from New OrleansLouisiana Plantations
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Louisiana Antebellum Homes

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Alphabetical Listings ~ 81 plantations

Afton Villa Plantation - St. Francisville , Louisiana (West Feliciana Parish) - Afton Villa Gardens are located on the land that once was the home of the palatial plantation built by Susan Barrow in 1849. The plantation is long gone (destroyed by fire in 1963) but the gardens were placed on the national register in 1983 as Landscape Architecture. The grounds are open for tours these days and weddings are held there.
112 miles from New Orleans

Albania Plantations - Jeanerette, Louisiana (Iberia Parish) - The Albania Plantation was located on Bayou Teche and was finished around 1842 and thrived as a sugar plantation. This plantation has been refurbished with love through the years by its devoted owners.
121 miles from New Orleans

Arlington Plantation House and Gardens - Franklin, Louisiana (St Mary Parish) - Arlington Plantation House was built circa 1830. You can experience this Pre-Civil War grandeur as you tour one of the South's most majestic sugar plantations. There are seven cultivated acres of fountains and gardens surrounded by four hundred-year-old oak and cypress trees.
106 miles from New Orleans

Asphodel Plantation - Jackson, Louisiana (East Feliciana Parish) - The Asphodel Plantation was built in 1820-1830. It actually ten years to build it. Asphodel's cemetery is listed as one of the only private cemeteries on the National Register of Historic Places. Every deceased owner is buried in this cemetery. John James Audubon made paintings of its owners and their children.
114 miles from New Orleans

Avondale Plantation Home - Clinton, Louisiana (East Feliciana Parish) - Avondale Plantation Home is a privately owned home and was built circa 1825 in the Greek Revival style. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Homes.
109 miles from New Orleans

Audubon State Historic Site - St. Francisville , Louisiana (West Feliciana Parish) - State Historic site of Oakley House, a West Indies-style home which was a natural setting for John Audubon who painted 32 of his famous "Birds of America.". There is a formal garden, outbuildings, and a trail.
112 miles from New Orleans

Battleground Plantation - Sicily Island, Louisiana (Catahoula Parish) - Battleground Plantation was built from 1829-1830 on the site where the last major battle between the Natchez Indians and the French took place. This plantation was built and run by Dr Henry J Peck and his family. This Louisiana plantation has military significance as the site of the last major battle between the French and the Natchez Indians.
200 miles from New Orleans

Beau Fort Plantation - Natchitoches, Louisiana (Natchitoches Parish) - Originally called Narcisse Prud'homme Plantation for over a hundred years, it later became known as Beau Fort Plantation due to the fact that is was believed to have been built on the location of an early French Fort. The plantation was built between 1760s and 1821 in a Creole cottage-style.
261 miles from New Orleans

Bennett Plantation House - Alexandria, Louisiana (Rapides Parish) - Bennett Plantation House and Store are on this property. The original house was built around 1854 while the store was in continuous operation from around 1817 until the late 1960s. The house and the store are now located on the Inglewood Plantation property and are privately owned.
203 miles from New Orleans

Breston Plantation House - Columbia, Louisiana (Caldwell Parish) - Breston Plantation House was built in 1835 in the Greek Revival style. It has also been placed on the National Register in 1980.
242 miles from New Orleans

Buck Ridge Plantation - (Tensas Parish Louisiana) - Buck Ridge Plantation was constructed ca. 1837. This property was built and owned by the Douglass family.
200 miles from New Orleans

Buckmeadow Plantation House - Lake Providence, Louisiana (East Carroll Parish) - Buckmeadow Plantation House was built in 1840 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.
258 miles from New Orleans

Butler Greenwood Plantation - St Francisville, Louisiana (West Feliciana Parish) - Butler Greenwood Plantation was built in 1790s. This plantation is in the same family that originally built it and is open today as a bed and breakfast.
112 miles from New Orleans

Calliham Plantation House - Hamburg, Louisiana (Avoyelles Parish) - This Greek Revival styled Louisiana Plantation was built circa 1825. Calliham Plantation House is now a private home.
153 miles from New Orleans

Cashpoint Plantation House - Elm Grove, Louisiana (Bossier Parish) - This Louisiana plantation, Cashpoint Plantation House is done in the Greek Revival, Italianate style and was build circa 1800 and is now privately owned.
317 miles from New Orleans

Caspiana Plantation Store - Natchitoches, Louisiana (Natchitoches Parish) - The Caspiana House is a fine example of an antebellum cottage, and is commonly known as the "Big House" from Caspiana Plantation. It was originally built in 1856 and the unit was moved to the LSU campus in 1985 and restored to its original specifications.
(originally 261 miles from New Orleans)
moved to 80 miles from New Orleans in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Cedar Bend Plantation - Natchez, Louisiana (Natchitoches Parish) - Cedar Bend Plantation was built in 1825 in the French Colonial style and is in the National Register of Historical Places. This 19th century French Colonial house once owned by Gabriel Prudhomme and his wife Algae and is a private home today. Their family tradition states that during the Red River Campaign, the family raised the French Flag outside the house to save it from destruction.
248 miles from New Orleans

Cedars Plantation - Oak Ridge, Louisiana (Morehouse Parish) - The Cedars farmhouse is believed to be the oldest surviving residence in Morehouse Parish. The Cedars Plantation, also known as the Williams Home Place, was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.
273 miles from New Orleans

Cherokee Plantation - Natchitoches, Louisiana (Natchitoches Parish) - This Louisiana Plantation, Cherokee Plantation is from the 1830's and is named for the Cherokee roses at its front gate. The elegant main house is typical of early Louisiana plantations. Privately owned.
261 miles from New Orleans

Chretien Point Plantation - Sunset, Louisiana (St Landry Parish) - Chretien Point Plantation was built circa 1831-1835 in the classical revival style. The land consisted of 3000 acres and there were 2 Civil War battles fought on or near this plantation. Chretien Point is one of the few Louisiana plantations to have Civil War reenactments.
144 miles from New Orleans

Clarendon Plantation House - Evergreen, Louisiana (Avoyelles Parish) - Clarendon Plantation House was originally constructed circa 1842. An addition was constructed on the left side of the original structure creating an open dogtrot in 1872.
157 miles from New Orleans

Cottage Plantation - St Francisville, Louisiana (West Feliciana) - Cottage Plantation stands complete as it did in antebellum days, having in addition to the plantation home the old school house, out side kitchen, milk house, carriage house, barn, slave houses, and other out buildings. The house is furnished with much of the original furniture.
112 miles from New Orleans

Crescent Plantation - Tallulah, Louisiana (Madison Parish) - This Louisiana plantation was built in 1832 in the Greek Revival Style and is now a private home. It's on the US National Register of historic places and is 8.3 acres.
220 miles from New Orleans

Crystal Rice Plantation - Crowley, Louisiana (Acadia Parish) - One of the few working rice and crawfish plantations offering tours. The plantation tours cover the historic 19th century plantation home, an auto museum, and the agricultural operation
155 miles from New Orleans

Darby Plantation - New Iberia, Louisiana (Iberia Parish) - Darby House was built between 1813 and 1820 and is one of the oldest structures in Iberia Parish. The home is an excellent example of rural Louisiana colonial style architecture. The original home has been replaced with a replica today.
133 miles from New Orleans

Desert Plantation - St. Francisville , Louisiana (West Feliciana Parish)- Louisiana Antebellum home built in ca. 1808-1812. Desert Plantation was a cotton plantation with two cotton gins on the grounds.
112 miles from New Orleans

Dixie Plantation House - Franklin, Louisiana (St Mary Parish) - The original mansion was built around 1835. Later Murphy and Rose Foster purchased the abandoned plantation in 1883 and named it Dixie Plantation. It remained in their family until 1959.
107 miles from New Orleans

Dulcito Plantation House - New Iberia, Louisiana (Iberia Parish) - Dulcito Plantation House was constructed circa 1850 in the French Creole tradition and was one and a half stories. It is on the National Register of Historical Places.
133 miles from New Orleans

Eden Plantation - Alexandria, Louisiana (Rapides Parish) - Eden Plantation was constructed ca. 1830 on Bayou Rapides. It has been placed on the National Historial Registery and it was restored. Eden Plantation is now a private residence.
203 miles from New Orleans

El Dorado Plantation House - Livonia, Louisiana (Pointe Coupee Parish) - El Dorado Plantation House was built in 1856-1857 in the Greek Revival style and is a working sugar plantation. This large plantation is situated one mile south of Livonia on the west bank of Bayou Maringouin.
106 miles from New Orleans

Ellerslie Plantation - St. Francisville, Louisiana (West Feliciana Parish) - Ellerslie Plantation was constructed from 1828-1832. It was built by James Coulter for the Wade family.
112 miles from New Orleans

Enterprise Plantation - Patoutville, Louisiana (Iberia Parish) - Enterprise Plantation is one of the few operating plantations that is still owned by the descendants of the original builder and retains a number of its support buildings. Enterprise Plantation is a producer of Louisiana raw sugar, blackstrap molasses and cane syrup.
124 miles from New Orleans

Fannie Riche Plantation House - New Roads, Louisiana (Pointe Coupee Parish) - Fannie Riche Plantation House was constructed ca. 1825-1835. It was done in the West Indian style. Fannie Riche is within 100 yards of a levee of the Mississippi River.
117 miles from New Orleans

Frogmore Plantation - Frogmore, Louisiana (Concordia Parish) - Frogmore Plantation is a cotton plantation which is still a working cotton plantation today. Their informative tours give us a more than a glimpse of the past
by bringing history to life on this working farm. See many of the original buildings and the cotton gins on site.
188 miles from New Orleans

Greenwood Plantation - St. Francisville, Louisiana (West Feliciana Parish) - Greenwood Plantation was built circa 1830s and was a cotton plantation. After passing through several hands, the home was struck by lightning on August 1, 1960 and destroyed. Walton Burns purchased the property in 1968. He and his son finished restoring this Louisiana plantation to its former glory in 1984.
112 miles from New Orleans

Glenwood Plantaton - Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana - Glenwood Plantation was the largest plantation in the parish, consisting of more than 6 townships and belonging to W. Godchaux. It was destroyed by fire in 1955.
160 miles from New Orleans

Goodwood Plantation - St Francisville, Louisiana (West Feliciana Parish) - Goodwood Plantation was constructed circa 1830. It was owned by Charles Mathews and his wife Penelope.
112 miles from New Orleans

Hazelwood Plantation - Laurel Hill, Louisiana (West Feliciana Parish) - Hazelwood Plantation is an early 1830s Greek Revival plantation home. It is a one story frame house with a large roof extending over a six-column gallery across the front.
124 miles from New Orleans

Hickory Hill Plantation - Wilson, Louisiana (East Feliciana Parish) - Hickory Hill Plantation was erected circa 1804-1810 from hickory, ash hard pine and butternut woods from the surrounding woodlands in the Seaboard Colonial style. Even the bricks used on this property were made on the property.
120 miles from New Orleans

Inglewood Plantation - Alexandria, Louisiana (Rapides Parish) - Inglewood Planatation was built ca. 1836 and was a cotton plantation which also grew corn and soybeans.  Inglewood was one of the few plantation homes in Rapides parish to survive the ravages of the Civil War. It is still a working farm today.
203 miles from New Orleans

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