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NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana
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More Louisiana Plantations 100 miles from New OrleansLouisiana Plantations
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Louisiana Antebellum Homes

Alphabetical Listings ~ 81 plantations

Justin Plantation - Franklin, Louisiana (St Mary Parish) - Justin Plantation was constructed circa 1822. This Louisiana plantation was a sugar plantation.
107 miles from New Orleans

Kent Plantation House - Alexandria, Louisiana (Rapides Parish) - Kent Plantation House is a classic example of a French Colonial style and was built c. 1796. Kent Plantation is one of the oldest standing plantations in Louisiana. This property is open today to the public for tours.
203 miles from New Orleans

Landry Plantation House - Youngsville, Louisiana (Vermillion Parish) - Landry Plantation is an example of French Creole style and was built ca. 1830.
145 miles from New Orleans

Laurel Hill Plantation - Laurel Hill, Louisiana (West Feliciana Parish) - Laurel Hill Plantation began with a small house built around 1830. Additions were made in 1873 using the same carpenter for the Duncan family who now owned the property. Duncan was among the first to raise Brahman cattle and the fmaily now have an extensive cattle operation still today.
124 miles from New Orleans

Linwood Plantation Manager's House - Newellton, Louisiana (Tensas Parish) - Linwood Plantation was constructed ca. 1875 in the Mid 19th Century Revival Exotic Revival style.
219 miles from New Orleans

Lisburn Plantation House - Ferriday, Louisiana (Concordia Parish) - Lisburn Plantation House is included in the National Register of Historic Places maintained by the US National Park Service.
181 miles from New Orleans

Logtown Plantation - Logtown, Louisiana (Ouachita Parish) - Logtown Plantation was built around the 1840s by the grandson of Don Juan Filhiol who was the founder of Monroe, Louisiana.
292 miles from New Orleans

Louisiana Winter Quarters - Newellton, Louisiana (Tensas Parish) - A State owned historic Plantation, a Lone Survivor of the War Between the States. The plantation is operated by the Louisiana Office of State Parks.
219 miles from New Orleans

Loyd Hall Plantation - Cheneyville, Louisiana (Rapides Parisah) - Loyd Hall Plantation is considered to be a very haunted plantation. This cottonl plantation was built ca. 1850 and is in the Greek Revival style. It is now a private residence.
165 miles from New Orleans

Magnolia Plantation - Derry, Louisiana (Natchitoches Parish) - Magnolia Plantation was built ca. 1830 was a cotton plantation with cotton picker tractors and two cotton gins.
238 miles from New Orleans

Maison Olivier Creole Cottage - St Martinville, Louisiana (St Martin Parish) - Maison Olivier Creole Cottage plantation was built in circa 1815. It is now located on the Longfellow-Evangeline State Historic Site. This park was the first park of the Louisiana State Parks system created in 1934.
138 miles from New Orleans

Marengo Plantation - Jonesville, Louisiana (Catahoula Parish) - The original plantation house was constructed in 1855 in the Greek Revival style. In 1878 James Laws purchased Marengo Plantation and built a another house reflecting Northern architectural style calling it Cinclare Plantation.
197 miles from New Orleans

Melrose Plantation - Melrose, Louisiana (Natchitoches Parish) - Melrose Plantation is also known as Yucca Plantation and is one of the largest plantation in the US built by and for free blacks. The National Park Service describes the plantation as having the oldest buildings of African design built by Blacks, for use of Blacks, in the country.
244 miles from New Orleans

Montrose Plantation House - Tallulah, Louisiana (Madison Parish) - Originally built ca. 1840s in the provincial Greek Revival style. Additional construction took place around 1880 by builder/architect George Montgomery.
229 miles from New Orleans

Moro Plantation House - Waterproof, Louisiana (Tensas Parish) - Moro Plantation was built ca. 1825-1849 in an exotic Greek revival style. This is now a private residence. It's been added to the National Register of Historic Place in 1982.
199 miles from New Orleans

Moundville Plantation House - Moundville, Louisiana (St Landry Parish) - Although this particular Louisiana Plantation is no open to the public, there are a great collection of pictures of it online. Moundville Plantation is also known as Wartell House and is circa 1827. Interest to see.
142 miles from New Orleans

Myrtle Grove Plantation - Waterproof, Louisiana (Tensas Parish) - Myrtle Grove Plantation is also known as Old Bass Place and was constructed ca. 1810. 
199 miles from New Orleans

Myrtles Plantation, The - St Francisville, Louisiana (West Feliciana Parish - Myrtles Plantation was erected ca. 1796 and rumored to have been built on top of an ancient Tunica Indian burial ground. It said to be one of America's most haunted homes and has at least 12 resident ghosts.
112 miles from New Orleans

Oakland Plantation - Natchitoches, Louisiana (Natchitoches Parish) - Oakland Plantation was originally known as the Jean Pierre Emmanuel Prud'homme Plantation, and is also known as Bermuda. Find the history of another one of Louisiana's Plantations. Plantations in this part of Louisiana are along the Red River.
Oakland Plantation is now part of the Cane River Creole National Historical Park. Cane River Creole National Historical Park is in the process of restoring Oakland Plantation to its appearance circa 1960.
260 miles from New Orleans

Oaklawn Plantation - Natchez, Louisiana (Natchitoches Parish) - Oaklawn Plantation was completed in 1830 in the French Creole style. The house is particularly interesting for the majestic oak alley at its entrance. Measuring 680 feet, it is the third longest oak alley in the state.
249 miles from New Orleans

Oakley Plantation - St. Francisville, Louisiana (West Feliciana Parish) - Oakley Plantation House is located in the Audubon Memorial State Park and was built circa 1799. The interior has been restored to the Federal period style from 1790-1830. John James Audubon stayed at this plantation for around 4 months and painted 32 of his famous bird pictures while here.
112 miles from New Orleans

Osceola Plantaton - St Joseph, Louisiana (Tensas Parish) - This plantation and property are now Osceola Plantation Hunting Club for hunting and fishing is located 1 mile from Lake Bruin and 2 miles from the Mississippi River.
213 miles from New Orleans

Parlange Plantation - New Roads, Louisiana (Pointe Coupee Parish) - Parlange Plantation is a French Colonial style plantation built about 1750. This plantation originally grew indigo but later changed to sugarcane and cotton. Parlange Plantation was used by both sides as headquarters during the Civil War.
118 miles from New Orleans

Payne-Fenner Plantation - Washington, Louisiana (St. Landry Parish) - Payne-Fenner Plantation was originally built around 1850. This plantation was used as a hospital for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.
144 miles from New Orleans

Pegram Plantation House - Lecompte, Louisiana (Rapides Parish) - Pegram Plantation House is a Greek Revival style home and has been added to the National Register of Historic Places on October 24, 2003.
186 miles from New Orleans

Pleasant View Plantation House - Oscar, Louisiana (Pointe Coupee Parish) - Pleasant View Plantation is a Creole style home built ca. 1820. It is now a private home and is on the National Register of Historic Places since 1984.
105 miles from New Orleans

Propinquity Plantation - St Francisville, Louisiana (West Feliciana Parish) - Propinquity Plantation is one of St Francisville's oldest brick buildings (1809) consisting of over 200,000 bricks. John James Audubon's wife, Lucy, worked on this plantation as a teacher helping to make it possible for her husband to publish his Birds of America.
116 miles from New Orleans

Richland Plantation - Norwood, Louisiana (East Feliciana Parish) - Richland Plantation is a Greek Revival style home built circa 1820s by Elias Norwood. It is an excellent representation of English cultural heritage.
123 miles from New Orleans

Riverlake Plantation - Oscar, Louisiana (Pointe Coupee Parish) - Riverlake Plantation is a great example of the Creole architectural style plantation. It was erected ca. 1820s and has major construction during 1840-45 and again in 1890.
105 miles from New Orleans

Rosalie Plantation - Alexandria, Louisiana (Rapides Parish) - Rosalie Plantation was construced ca. 1830s as a sugar plantation. A wall from the sugar mill still stands today. This plantation is now known for the pecans it grows in its orchards. 
203 miles from New Orleans

Rosedown Plantation House - St Francisville, Louisiana (West Feliciana Parish) - Rosedown was an extremely productive cotton plantation and the main house was built in 1834-2835. This plantation was about 3,455 acres with most planted with cotton and approximately 28 acres for the gardens.
116 miles from New Orleans

Scottland Plantation House - Tallulah, Louisiana (Madison Parish) - Scottland Plantation House was built circa 1850 in the Greek Revival style and is the only one of this style surviving in Madison Parish. This was a 1,440 acre plantation which later became the city of Tallulah.
229 miles from New Orleans

Shades Plantation - Wilson, Louisiana (East Feliciana Parish) - The Shades Plantation was built ca. 1808. They grew sugarcane and corn. This plantation is next to Bayou Teche.
120 miles from New Orleans

Shadows-on-the-Teche - New Iberia, Louisiana (Iberia Parish) - Shadows Plantation was constructed in the Greek Revival style circa 1834. It was a sugar plantation located above the banks of Bayou Teche. The plantation is presently owned by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
133 miles from New Orleans

Solitude Plantation House - St Francisville, Louisiana (West Feliciana Parish) - Solitude Plantation House was erected ca. 1815 in the Greek Revival style and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.
116 miles from New Orleans

Stephanie Plantation House - Arnaudville, Louisiana (St Martin Parish) - Stephanie Plantation House was built circa 1780s in the Southern Style plantation. This plantation is located on Bayou Teche.
130 miles from New Orleans

Valverda Plantation - Maringouin, Louisiana (Pointe Coupee Parish) - Valverda Plantation was built in 1842 and has brick walls that are 16 inches thick. This plantation is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and today has 45 acres with live oaks and magnolia trees.
104 miles from New Orleans

Wakefield Plantation - West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana - Wakefield Plantation was constructed circa 1834 for Lewis and Sarah Turnbull Stirling. Thier heirs renovated the property creating two small homes. Most of Wakefield plantation remains along with much of its original furniture.
118 miles from New Orleans

White Hall Plantation House - Lettsworth, Louisiana (Pointe Coupee Parish) - White Hall Plantation House is a Greek Revival and Italianate style home attributed to Henry Howard and built ca. 1848-49. This plantation mansion was moved twice from the Mississippi River floods. It has been restored and is open to the public for the first time.
136 miles from New Orleans

Wildwood Plantation - Jackson, Louisiana (East Feliciana Parish) - Wildwood was involved in the sugar and cotton industries and ran one of the best known syrup factories in the state.
Wildwood Plantation was established in 1841.
114 miles from New Orleans

Winter Quarters Plantation - Newellton, Louisiana (Tensas Parish) - Winter Quarters Plantation was erected in several stages from 1805-1850. The plantation itself grew to over 2,000 acres and was a major cotton operation including having several cotton gins, a sawmill, barns, machine shops, a hospital, a smokehouse, boat docks, a milk house and various other supporting buildings.
Winter Quarters Plantation is a State Historic site and is presently closed.
220 miles from New Orleans

Alphabetical Listings Page 1


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