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Offering Information on Louisiana
and New Orleans Plantations
for Tourists and Locals

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana
New Orleans Plantations

New Orleans Antebellum Homes
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New Orleans Plantation Tours: Oak Alley, San Francisco and more
Embrace the historical past of Louisiana with an array of educational Plantation Tours. Journey through New Orleans past as you catch glimpses of the restored Oak Alley Plantation or visit the San Francisco Plantation renowned for its architecture. Book your reservations on-line today! Louisiana Plantation Tours, River Road Plantations!
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These New Orleans area Plantations are within 100 miles of New Orleans
This list of New Orleans area plantations is for fun informational purposes only. Not ALL plantations are listed, only those I could find information on. These plantations may be in private hands and not available for the public to see. Many may be gone (burned, torn down, etc.) I have compiled this list for enjoyment by history buffs and the like. Check out our Louisiana Plantations for Tours and Weddings category page for more information on available plantation tours and plantation wedding venues.
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i-sugarNew Orleans Area Plantations
Within 100 miles of the City
New Orleans Antebellum Homes

Alphabetical Listings ~ 72 plantations

Acadia Plantation - Thibodaux, Louisiana (Lafourche Parish) - This Louisiana sugar plantation was built around 1809 and was the home of the famous Jim Bowie where he spent most of his life. He was known for his knife fighting skills and had a knife named after him. Bowie died at The Alamo. This plantation was demolished in 2010.
60 miles from New Orleans

Aillet House - Port Allen, Louisiana (West Baton Rouge Parish) - The Aillet House is a small Creole sugar plantation built in the 1830s. The Aillet House sits on the grounds of the West Baton Rouge Museum and has been furnished in the time period before the Civil War. There are reenactors who perform on the gallery of this great home in the old tradition.
82 miles from New Orleans

Albemarle Plantation - Assumption Parish, Louisiana - Albemarle Plantation is the oldest plantation in Assumption parish that is still owned and operated by the original family. It was started in 1839 and in operation ever since. The site has the plantation’s history and photos as well as many historical family photographs. This home and surround 6,500 acres is listed on the National Register of Historic Places
79 miles from New Orleans

Allendale Plantation - Port Allen, Louisiana (West Baton Rouge Parish) - Allendale Plantation was built circa 1850s and was a sugar plantation. The main house was burned to the ground by Union troops in 1862. There are three remaining cabins from the plantation property. The first is from 1850, the second from the 1870s and the third is from ca. 1890s.
82 miles from New Orleans

Ardoyne Plantation - Houma, Louisiana (Terrebonne Parish) - This unique home was built in 1894 and is considered by the National Register of Historic Places to possibly be the largest and most elaborate remaining example of rural Victorian Gothic architecture in the state of Louisiana. It is filled with original family furniture and antiques. This plantation was named after a Scottish castle.
57 miles from New Orleans

Armant Plantation - Vacherie, Louisiana (St James Parish) - The Armant Plantation was built in the early 1800's. The main house was destroyed in 1969 after being vacant for more than ten years.
52 miles from New Orleans

Ashland-Belle Helene Plantation - Darrow, Louisiana (Ascension Parish) - Ashland-Belle Helene Plantation was built in 1841 in the Classic Greek Revival style and prospered as a sugar plantation. Four movies were set at this beautiful piece of Louisiana history. Ashland is open to the public. Ashland-Belle Helene is among the grandest and largest plantation houses ever built in the state.
60 miles from New Orleans

Bagatelle Plantation House - Sunshine, Louisiana (St James Parish) - Bagatelle Plantation is a Greek Revival house and was built around 1841 on the Mississippi River. It was later moved to Iberville Parish near the East Baton Rouge Parish line. It is now used as a private home and is not open to the public
75 miles from New Orleans

Belle Grove Plantation - White Castle, Louisiana (Iberville Parish) - Belle Grove Plantation was built ca. 1850s and completed in 1857 by architect Henry Howard for John Andrews. This plantation is one of the grandest mansions ever built in Louisiana and is considered the largest one every built in the South. She had 30 foot pillars and was 62’ tall. It was unfortunately lost to fire in 1952.
76 miles from New Orleans

Bocage Plantation - Darrow, Louisiana (Ascension Parish) - The magnificent mansion was designed by famous architect James Dakin and built in 1837. (The original 1801 Creole cottage on the site burned.)
60 miles from New Orleans

Bouverans Plantation House - Lockport, Louisiana (Lafourche Parish) - Bouverans Plantation is nowa privately owned residence. Built in the French Creole style around 1860s and listed in the National Register in 1983.
50 miles from New Orleans

Calumet Plantation House - Patterson, Louisiana (St Mary Parish) - Calumet Planatation House was built in 1830 and the name Calumet comes from the name of the traditional Indian peace pipe. Calumet Plantation is now privately owned.
92 miles from New Orleans

Carter Plantation - Springfield, Louisiana (Livingston Parish) - Carter Plantation House is one and a half stories high, with front and rear galleries and a central hall plan with 2 rooms on each side. It was built between 1817-1820. The primary crop of this plantation has been trees including pine, cypress and citrus.
58 miles from New Orleans

Caspiana Plantation Store - Natchitoches, Louisiana (Natchitoches Parish) - The Caspiana House is a fine example of an antebellum cottage, and is commonly known as the "Big House" from Caspiana Plantation. It was originally built in 1856 and the unit was moved to the LSU campus in 1985 and restored to its original specifications.
(originally 261 miles from New Orleans)
moved to 80 miles from New Orleans in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Chatchie Plantation House - Thibodaux, Louisiana (Lafourche Parish) - Chatchie Plantation House was built in 1868 and is also know as Homewood Plantation.
60 miles from New Orleans

Chatsworth Plantation(East Baton Rouge Parish) - Chatsworth Plantation was built in 1859 and was destroyed when the Mississippi River levee was built on that land. This Louisiana Plantation's grand house had 50 rooms.
80 miles from New Orleans

Crescent Farm - Houma, Louisiana (Terrebonne Parish) - Historic Crescent Farm, was founded in 1827 by William Alexander Shaffer and was the center of operations for the Shaffer family land holdings. The present building occupying the site was constructed in 1849 and was the centerpiece of a cane farm that included its own sugar mill.
58 miles from New Orleans

Desire Plantation House - Vacherie, Louisiana (St James Parish) - Desire Plantation, also known as Alcidesire, is a historic Perique tobacco plantation built circa 1835. It had a perique cigar factory located on site. There was a store on the property that closed in 1905.
52 miles from New Orleans

Destrehan Plantation - Destrehan, Louisiana (St Charles Parish) - Destrehan Plantation was one of the oldest home in Louisiana built ca. 1787-1790 in the French Colonial, Greek Revival styles. It began as a major producer of indigo but later changed to be a major producer of sugar cane.
23 miles from New Orleans

Ducros Plantation - Schriever, Louisiana (Terrebonne Parish) - Ducros Plantation is also known as Old Jackson Plantation or Polmer Plantation. The mansion was built circa 1859-1869. It was designed in the Greek Revival style and modeled after the mansion of Andrew Jackson which was named The Hermitage and was located in Nashville.
60 miles from New Orleans

E.D.White Plantation Home - Thibodaux, Louisiana (Lafourche Parish) - This Louisiana plantation is now a state museum. It was originally built out of hand-hewn cypress circa 1825 in the Creole style raised cottage. Around 1834 it was remodeled to reflect the Greek Revival style which was all the rage at that time.
60 miles from New Orleanss

Ellendale Plantation - Houma, Louisiana (Terrebonne Parish) - Andrew McCollam owned this land and named the plantation for his wife Ellen. The home was built in 1854 and it is now a privately owned residence. This plantation was a sugar producer and still has a wall standing from the old sugar mill.
58 miles from New Orleans

Elmwood Plantation - New Orleans, Louisiana (Orleans Parish) - Elmwood Plantation is the oldest plantation in the Mississippi Valley and was constructed in 1762. It was once the home of the first American to govern Louisiana, Governor W. C. Claiborne and built by Nicholas Chauvin.

Elmwood Plantation House - Jefferson, Louisiana (Jefferson Parish) - Elmwood Plantation House was constructed ca. 1836. It was originally built for the Lafrenier (Chauvin) family. This family was one of six early pioneer families who settled in the Southeastern part of Louisiana thus making them one of the earliest land properietors.The original residence was partially destroyed by fire in 1940 but was later restored.
6 miles from New Orleans

Emilie Plantation House - Garyville, Louisiana (St John the Baptist Parish) - Emilie Plantation House was built circa 1875-1899 in the Greek Revival, Italianate styles and is now a private residence.
39 miles from New Orleans

Evergreen Plantation - Wallace, Louisiana (St John the Baptist Parish) - The original house was built in 1790 but renovated to the Greek Revival Style around 1832. This was a sugar plantation which actually is stilling being worked today. There are 37 additional buildings on this property.
39 miles from New Orleans

Felicity Plantation - Vacherie, Louisiana (St James Parish) - Felicity Plantation was built ca. 1846-1850 in the French Colonial and Anglo American styles. It was a sugar plantation and is still standing today.
52 miles from New Orleans

Goodwood Plantation - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (East Baton Rouge Parish) - Goodwood Plantation was constructed ca. 1850 in the Greek Revival style. Goodwood Plantation Home was known to be one of the first houses in the area to have running water supplied by large attic cisterns.
80 miles from New Orleans

Godchaux-Reserve Plantation House - Reserve, Louisiana (St. John the Baptist Parish) - Godchaux-Reserve Plantation House was originally built ca. 1700s. In 1833 the property changed hands and was then named Reserve plantation and became one of the top producing sugar plantations and was the hub of sugar production in the parish.
34 miles from New Orleans

Harlem Plantation House - Pointe la Hache, Louisiana (Plaquemines Parish) - Harlem Plantation was built in 1840 and is a raised Louisiana Creole American style. It was placed on National Register of Historic Places on October 26, 1982.
49 miles from New Orleans

Hermitage Plantaion - Darrow, Louisiana (Ascension Parish) - Hermitage Plantaion was built in 1812 in the Greek Revival plantation home. This Louisiana plantation is a privately owned residence and not open to the public.
61 miles from New Orleans

Homestead Plantation Complex - Plaquemine, Louisiana (Plaquemines Parish) - Homestead Plantation Complex also called Variety Plantation was built ca. 1855 in the Greek Revival style. The plantation complex consists of the main home and two other buildings which were moved to the Variety plantation in 1976.
49 miles from New Orleans

Homeplace Plantation House - Hahnville, Louisiana (St Charles Parish) - Homeplace Plantation House was erected ca. 1787-1791 in the French Colonial style and is also known as Keller Homestead. This plantation is privately owned and not open to the public.
27 miles from New Orleans

Hope Plantation House - Garyville, Louisiana (St John the Baptist Parish) - Hope Plantation House was erected circa 1850 as a medium size French Creole home with Greek Revival details. This Louisiana plantation home is privately owned and not open to the public.
39 miles from New Orleans

Houmas House Plantation - Burnside, Louisiana (Ascension Parish) - Houmas House Plantation was established ca. 1700s with the current main house completed in 1840. A French Colonial style plantation house was erected ca. 1775 and this was a sugar plantation.
57 miles from New Orleans

Kenilworth Plantation House - St Bernard Parish, Louisiana (St Bernard Parish) - Kenilworth Plantation House was erected ca. 1820 in the French Creole style. Most of the building are gone from the property but the main house remains. The house was a filming location for the movie Stay Alive.
18 miles from New Orleans

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