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New Orleans Antiques, Antiques ShopsNew Orleans Antiques
The Ultimate List of New Orleans Antique Shops and Antique Furniture.New Orleans Antique Chairs
Looking for the best New Orleans has to offer in Antiques?  Try this valuable list of antique dealers for the best of New Orleans antique shops with links to their web sites and descriptions.  From Uptown, Downtown, Northshore and the metro area including Metairie, Kenner, Gretna and much more, you can find the New Orleans antiques you are looking for here on this collection of New Orleans antique shops and dealers.
       Finding Great Antiques in New Orleans is Fun!!

New Orleans Antiques, Antique Dealers
New Orleans Antiques Information and Guide

Antiquing in New Orleans

New Orleans Antique Chests     Shopping for antiques in America's most unique city is easy. Everywhere you look there are antiques shops in the Big Easy.  New Orleans was founded in 1718 by the French and named for the Duke of Orleans.  Many of the buildings that make up our city date back to the 1700s. This city has a innate love for the world of antiques and a plethora of antique shops.  From antique furniture to collectibles you can find it all here in our city known for its history, culture, music and cuisine.  Many areas of New Orleans are especially known for their antique shops, so lets explore some of these districts.

New Orleans Antique Desks     When you're ready to visit these shops and dealers, there's an easy and inexpensive way to see them using a $3 Jazzy Pass which is good for an entire day allowing you to get on and off RTA buses and streetcars at your whim.


Magazine Street Antique Dealers

     It's six miles long, curving along its route reflecting the Mississippi River.  The Canal Street side is down river and it winds thru the city where it ends at the Great River Road.  Magazine Street is a mix of New Orleans Bronze Collectible Antiquesolder residential homes and local businesses of which there are as many as 40 antique dealers.

     The largest of the Magazine Street antique shops has over 40 dealers and is called the Magazine Antique Mall.  New Orleans Silver AntiquesThey carry a wide variety of antiques including vintage furniture, antique jewelry, various collectibles and much more.  A good place to find all types of antiques.  With so many antique dealers you're sure to find the type of collectibles you want.


French Quarter Antique Shops

     The New Orleans French Quarter is New Orleans Antique Cheststhe oldest neighborhood in the city and it's also known as the Vieu Carré which in English means 'Old Square'.  The French Quarter has been designated as a National Historic Landmark.  It is one of the highest areas in the city with an elevation of 3 feet which is saying something in a city below sea level.

     The French Quarter has New Orleans Antique Lampsa variety of shops, residences, restaurants, bars, art galleries, hotels and more.  It is also a great place to treasure hunt for antiques, collectibles, eclectic gifts of all varieties. For hundreds of years this area has been known for its unique dealers in objects from the rich history of New Orleans and coming in on ships in this port city.


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