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New Orleans Home and Family Guide

New Orleans
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Absolute Computer Solution - New Orleans Computer Repair

Absolute Computer Solutions

Need Computer Repairs in your home or office? ACS has been repairing computers in the Greater New Orleans area for over 15 years. Great rates! Fast Service! We come to you!
Go to Absolute Computer Solutions

Rising Party Train - Children's party rentals including bouncers

Rising Party Train

Rising Party Train has the largest New Orleans party trains. Rising offers the best party rentals for all occasions including trains, bounce houses, rocking cars, carousels and concession rentals to get the party ‘popping’! Check our website for more information and pictures.
Go to Rising Party Train

About to Bounce Inflatable Bouncehouses and Waterslides

About to Bounce
Bouncehouses and Waterslides

Planning a Children’s Party? About to Bounce delivers the latest in inflatable bouncehouses and water slides to your children’s party. We deliver bouncehouses, waterslides and party rentals from popcorn and snowball machines to tables and chairs to parties all over the New Orleans area.
Go to About to Bounce Bouncehouses and Waterslides

New Orleans Community - SEE ALL

This section is a collection of New Orleans area community websites including local government websites for the city of New Orleans, neighboring cities and parishes and the State of Louisiana. New Orleans Community WebsitesWe’ve also included websites for local churches and synagog ues as well as websites representing other religions in the New Orleans area. If you’re looking for non profit organizations or places to volunteer in the New Orleans area, we’ve listed websites for everything from neighborhood associations to charitable civic organizations. You’ll also find websites for hobby groups and clubs in the New Orleans area as well as websites about local history and genealogy. Includes websites for the entire New Orleans metro area as well as Louisiana sites of particular interest to local residents.
Go to New Orleans Community Guide

New Orleans Contractors and
Home Improvements - SEE ALL

More than five years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans continues to rebuild with the help of professional contractors. Contractors of every New Orleans Contractors and New Orleans Home Improvements Websitesspecialty from general contractors to plumbers and electricians to landscaping contractors are still rebuilding New Orleans neighborhoods in large areas of Lakeview, Gentilly, New Orleans East and the Ninth Ward. The entire New Orleans metro area was damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Neighborhoods not severely flooded by breached levees and flood walls still suffered wind damage and as much as two feet of flooding from very heavy rains. Contractors have been steadily rebuilding homes and businesses throughout the New Orleans area since the storm. Home renovations, redevelopment and construction projects reach all across the New Orleans metro area from rebuilding bridges to home improvements.

Home improvement contractors continue to upgrade many New Orleans area homes as well as renovate homes damaged by the storm. Home improvements often require contractors offering various services such as general contractors for additions, remodeling contractors and interior decorators for interior renovations as well as roofing contractors, plumbers and electricians. Flooring contractors are upgrading many New Orleans area homes with ceramic tile while window installers and solar energy contractors make New Orleans homes more energy efficient. With the rise of property values in the New Orleans area since Hurricane Katrina, many local home owners have increased their livable space with the help of contractors that install sunrooms, patio covers and screened enclosures.

We've collected websites around the New Orleans area for many different kinds of contractors and home improvement services from home builders and renovators to interior decorators and designers. We’ve even included websites for home services and supplies you may need in the New Orleans area such as hardware stores, pest control and drain cleaning services. Here are samples of the New Orleans area contractor and home improvements website categories:
The Essentials:
Plumbers, Electricians and Electrical Contractors, AC and Heating Contractors, Pest Control
For Major Home Improvements:
General Contractors and Home Builders, Renovations and Remodeling Contractors
Interior Home Improvement Contractors:
Interior Decorators and Designers, Kitchens, Baths and Cabinets, Flooring Contractors, Carpet Dealers and Installers, Alarm Systems
Exterior Home Improvement Contractors:
Roofers, Window Installers, Siding Contractors, Swimming Pool Contractors, Landscapers, Green Technology and Solar Contractors, Patio Covers, Screened Enclosures and Sunrooms

Go to All New Orleans Home Improvements Contractors
Go to New Orleans Contractors and Home Improvements Guide

New Orleans Garden and Yards

With our mild weather gardening is a very popular hobby around New Orleans. New Orleans and South Louisiana have some of best combinations of mild weather, abundant rainfall and rich soils in the country. New Orleans gardens are often a mix of tropical plants such as palm and banana trees and temperate zone plants such as azaleas and camellias. New Orleans averages 63 inches of rainfall a year. New Orleans GardensThat’s the most rainfall of any city in America. (Yes, more than Seattle!) The rich soil and abundant rainfall also allows for thick lawns of highly desirable Saint Augustine grass without fertilizer or irrigation. We’ve collected websites for everything to do with gardening in the New Orleans area. For garden and yard services and supplies including nurseries, fence companies, landscaping contractors and more
Go to Garden and Yard Services, Nurseries, Landscaping Contractors and Fence Companies

If you’re a serious gardening enthusiast in the New Orleans area and want to meet with and share information with other local gardeners or just swap for some of your favorite plants
Go to New Orleans Gardening Organizations

New Orleans Weddings - SEE ALL

Planning a wedding in New Orleans? Whether you’re a local bride planning a big wedding with New Orleans Wedding Plannersplenty of family and friends in attendance or an out of town couple planning a destination wedding in New Orleans with a small intimate wedding party, we have websites for everything you need to plan a wedding in America’s most romantic city. Even with all the unconventional and party oriented lifestyles so abundant in New Orleans, when it comes to weddings, local New Orleaneans love large traditional weddings with as many guests as budgets will allow and of course with a touch of New Orleans style. There are many details to consider when planning the perfect New Orleans wedding so we've collected websites for all the services you'll need.
Go to New Orleans Wedding Planners

Wedding Venues, Caterers and Reception Halls
When it comes to finding the perfect venue for your wedding, New Orleans offers a wide variety of New Orleans Weddingspossibilities. New Orleans has many grand hotels with large beautiful ballrooms that are perfect for large wedding receptions. There are many historic homes, hotels and restaurants in historic districts such as the French Quarter and the Garden District that offer romantic venues for your wedding. One of the most popular wedding venues are French Quarter courtyards with plenty of New Orleans history and romantic ambiance. Also popular for wedding venues with plenty of history, charm and beautiful surroundings are the many plantations that are just a short drive from New Orleans.
Go to New Orleans Wedding Venues, Caterers and Reception Halls

Wedding Bands and Musicians
Music plays a big part in New Orleans weddings. Local bands New Orleans Wedding Bands and Wedding DJsand musicians love to play at weddings in New Orleans. Local musicians know that guests at a New Orleans wedding never ignore the music and are always ready to get up and dance. Local wedding bands and DJs will always add some New Orleans music to the mix. Wedding celebrations in New Orleans often end with the entire wedding party and their guests dancing to New Orleans jazz in a ‘second line’ while waving handkerchiefs and umbrellas. It all seems a little crazy to out of town guests but dancing in a ‘second line’ connects the entire wedding party and their guests in a communal ritual of togetherness and celebration of newly joined families.
Go to New Orleans Wedding Bands and Musicians

Wedding Photographers and Videographers
Every wedding couple wants to preserve the memories of their wedding. Traditional posed wedding photos of the wedding party are now supplemented with artfully posed photos and candid shots of practically everyone in New Orleans Wedding Photographersattendance. Wedding photographers now are accompanied by wedding videographers. Once a simple recording of wedding events, wedding videos now are elaborately edited productions with music soundtracks and special effects that look like high end music video productions. Wedding photographers, with advanced digital cameras, now take hundreds or even thousands of images of the wedding giving the wedding couple the added fun of choosing their best photos from a large selection of images.
Go to New Orleans Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Wedding Limousines and Transportation
On the day of the wedding, nothing says luxury like a stretch limousine. The wedding day is the most special day of a young bride’s life and a luxury limousine assures that the specialness of the day is not lost in traffic on the way to the wedding or New Orleans Wedding Limousine Rentalswedding reception. When the budget allows, the entire wedding party is transported in style in one or more luxury limousines from the place of the wedding ceremony to the venue of the wedding reception. Traditionally, the bride and bridesmaids are transported in luxury from home to the wedding ceremony in stretch limousines. Limousine rental services now offer wedding couples the option of transportation in limousines, classic luxury cars such as a Rolls Royce or luxury stretch SUVs such as stretch Hummers. The entire wedding party and guests are often transported in limo buses.
Go to New Orleans Limousine Rental and Limo Rentals

For a complete list of websites for New Orleans area wedding services including wedding planners, wedding bands, caterers, photographers, limousines, florists, tuxedo rentals, wedding favors, printers and more
Go to New Orleans Weddings Directory
Go to New Orleans Weddings Guide

New Orleans Party Services and Event Planners - SEE ALL

Party Services and Event Planning in New Orleans
New Orleans Party Rentals and Event PlannersEveryone in New Orleans loves a party! Sometimes you need help with planning and services for those really large gatherings from weddings to conventions and corporate events. If you’re planning a wedding, we have links to everything you need from wedding planners to wedding photographers, wedding caterers and even tuxedo and limousine rentals. New Orleans is one of the largest convention cities in America and there are many event planners and coordinators who are ready to help.

Go to New Orleans Event Planners, Wedding Planners, Party Rentals and Party Services
Go to New Orleans Weddings Guide
Go to New Orleans Weddings Directory

Planning a children’s party? If you’re planning a children’s party such as the ultimate child’s birthday party, then we have a collection of websites specifically for children’s parties. Included are everything you need for children’s parties from clowns, puppeteers and magicians to inflatable spacewalks and party supply rentals such as snowball and popcorn machines and even tables and chairs.
Go to New Orleans Children Party Services, Spacewalks, Clowns and more

Children in the New Orleans area

We’ve gathered websites for everything related to children in the New Orleans area. Whether you’re looking for unique educational toys for children, New Orleans Children and Parents' Websitesplanning a children’s party and in need of party rentals from spacewalks to popcorn machines or looking for special classes for your children from music classes to dance lessons, you’ll find the websites you need in the Children’s section of the New Orleans Website Directory. Also included in the children’s section are web sites for children’s organizations from Scouting to child advocacy groups.

Children’s and Babies’ Apparel
There are many specialty stores Children's Clothing Stores and Children's Accessories in the New Orleans areaand boutiques in the New Orleans area that sell children and baby apparel and baby supplies. These specialty stores are a great place to find that special, unique gift for a baby shower or children’s and babies’ birthdays. Many stores that specialize in clothing for adults and young adults also have great selections of children’s apparel and accessories. For a complete list of these local websites,
Go to Children’s and Babies Apparel and Accessories

When looking for special, unique or educational toys for children and babies in the New Orleans area
Go to New Orleans Childens’ Toy Stores

Children’s Party Services and Party Rentals
Planning a party for your children in the New Orleans area? We’ve collected New Orleans area websites Childrens Party Services and Party Rentals in the New Orleans areafor all the party services you need to plan great party for your children. The most popular children’s party rentals are for inflatable spacewalks and waterslides. Most spacewalk rental services in the New Orleans area also offer other safe inflatable rentals for children such as inflatable waterslides, dunk tanks and fun obstacles. The same companies that offer spacewalks often also offer rentals for everything you need for a great children’s party from popcorn and cotton candy machines to tables and chairs. We’ve also collected websites for children’s party entertainment from clowns and magicians to puppeteers.
Go to New Orleans Children’s Party Services, Party Rentals and Spacewalks

Children’s Classes and Lessons
Parents in the New Orleans area are always looking for ways to expand their children’s creativity and fun. The New Orleans area offers classes and lessons for children in many different areas form music lessons to dance classes. One of the most popular classes for children are dance lessons that combine dance, Children's Lessons and Classes in the New Orleans areagymnastics, cheerleading and tumbling. It’s a great way for children to burn energy as well as help them to develop physically and emotionally. Music is a very large part of the local culture in New Orleans. We’ve also included websites for private music lessons as well as classic dance lessons form jazz to ballet.
Go to New Orleans Children’s Classes, Lessons and Tutoring
Go to New Orleans Dance, Cheerleading, Tumbling and Gymnastics

For a complete list of websites for New Orleans area children and their parents
including classes and lessons, children’s party services and party rentals, children’s apparel and accessories, children’s organizations and more
Go to New Orleans Children’s Guide

New Orleans area Schools and Education

We have links to schools and colleges all over the New Orleans area as well as New Orleans area child care centers and libraries. We’ve divided the schools into convenient categories that will help finding Education and Schools in New Orleanswebsites for the right schools easier for children and their parents. The categories include schools in New Orleans and neighboring parishes including Jefferson, Saint Tammany and Saint Bernard Parishes. We’ve also included websites for colleges and universities all around Southeast Louisiana as well as the best known colleges around Louisiana. The school categories include: New Orleans area Child Care, Kindergardens and Preschools, New Orleans area Elementary Schools, New Orleans area Middle Schools, New Orleans area High Schools and Colleges and Universities. For a complete list of categories including business schools, libraries and reference materials websites
Go to New Orleans area Schools and Education Directory

New Orleans Real Estate - SEE ALL

The New Orleans area has one of the healthiest real estate markets in the country. While real estate prices have plummeted recently in other tourism based communities from Las Vegas to Orlando, New Orleans real estate prices have New Orleans Real Estateremained stable and even increased. This is largely due to the large loss in housing from Hurricane Katrina. Also, the New Orleans metro area has a diverse economy not entirely dependent on tourism. The Port of Orleans, the oil and gas industry and the seafood industry (despite the BP oil spill) contribute largely to the local economy and help provide thousands of non tourism jobs. The relatively healthy local economy help keep real estate prices in the New Orleans area stable.

Real estate in highly desirable New Orleans neighborhoods such as the French Quarter, the Garden District and Uptown neighborhoods as well as suburban real estate in neighborhoods such as Old Metairie and River Ridge have long been higher priced than many other New Orleans area neighborhoods. While many in the New Orleans area from Lakeview to Chalmette have relocated to the higher ground of North Shore communities such as Covington in Saint Tammany Parish, many still desire real estate in close proximity to jobs in New Orleans as well as the older quaint neighborhoods that make New Orleans unique and New Orleans real estate so desirable.

We’ve collected websites for everything you need to buy or sell a home in the New Orleans metro area from real estate agents and agencies to real estate appraisers and real estate attorneys. We also have websites for New Orleans area Apartments, Movers, Storage and more.
Go to New Orleans Real Estate

Furniture, Home Furnishings and Antiques in the New Orleans area

New Orleans is a great place to shop for furniture. As are many businesses in New Orleans and Louisiana, furniture stores in the New Orleans area New Orleans Furniture Storesare often family owned for many generations with long traditions of offering fine furniture selections and great personal service. Furniture shoppers from around the South come to New Orleans to find high quality furniture from the best furniture manufacturers from around the world. New Orleans furniture stores offer selections of furniture and home accessories from renowned furniture manufacturers from Denmark to Japan as well as the finest furniture made in America.
Go to New Orleans Furniture Stores and Home Accessories

New Orleans is one of the most popular destinations in America to shop for antiques.
There are hundreds of antique shops in New Orleans. The highest concentrations of antique shops in New Orleans can be found in the French Quarter and New Orleans Antiques, Antique Dealers and Antique Shopsalong Magazine Street in Uptown New Orleans. Antique shop owners regularly travel to exotic locations from France and England to Japan and even Argentina in search of the most beautiful antiques for their customers. If your hobby is antiquing or you just wish to find the perfect antique to compliment your home, New Orleans antique shops have everything to satisfy even the most discriminating collector.

New Orleans is a city in love with its history and enthusiastically embraces preservation. New Orleans has the largest number of historic neighborhoods in the country after Boston. Fortunately, these historic neighborhoods were the first to be built in New Orleans and so were located on the higher ground that suffered little or no flooding from Hurricane Katrina. These historic neighborhoods contain tens of thousands of historic homes full of antiques that have been in the same families often for hundreds of years. As these historic homes are passed to the next generation, the antiques they contain often wind up in New Orleans antique shops. Conversely, New Orleaneans frequently shop for antiques in these same shops to add to the charm and antique collections of their own homes.
Go to New Orleans Antiques and Antique Shops

Persian Carpets and Oriental Rugs
New Orleans is a city of old homes with many neighborhoods established well over one hundred years ago. Within these old neighborhoods are old New Orleans Oriental Rugs and Carpet Dealershomes with beautiful hardwood floors and nothing looks better on these old wooden floors than fine oriental rugs. There are many oriental carpet dealers in New Orleans with shops located across New Orleans from the French Quarter all the way to Oak Street and Magazine Street in Uptown New Orleans. As with antique shoppers, many shoppers of fine oriental rugs and carpets come to New Orleans from all over the South to find the best deals and the widest selections. Oriental rug and carpet dealers in New Orleans offer both fine antique rugs from central Asia such as the renowned Persian rugs. Many other Oriental rug dealers in New Orleans offer newly made hand woven rugs from Central Asia rug makers.
Go to New Orleans Oriental Rug Dealers
For modern rugs and carpets including wall to wall carpets and carpet cleaning services
Go to New Orleans Carpet Dealers and Carpet Cleaning

Pets and Animals in the New Orleans area

For pet lovers, we've collected the best local pet related websites including New Orleans area pet shops. You can shop for the basic pet supplies and New Orleans Pets and Pet Shopseven specialty stores that offer clothing and accessories for your dog or cat! If you’re looking for dog breeders in the New Orleans area, we’ve collected websites for dog breeders offering everything from traditional dog breeds to exotic Asian breeds to Louisiana’s own breed of hunting dogs, the New Orleans area Horse Breeders and Horse SuppliesCatahoulas. There are also websites for New Orleans area veterinarians, kennels, dog grooming and obedience schools. Many animal welfare organizations are represented here including websites for local SPCAs and the Humane Society of Louisiana. New Orleans area websites that specialize in everything to do with horses are also represented from horse sales to equestrian supplies.
Go to New Orleans area Pet Shops and Pet Supplies
Go to New Orleans area Dog Breeders, Kennels and Veterinarians
Go to New Orleans area Horse Breeders, Equestrian supplies

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