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New Orleans Hotels - SEE ALL

Royal Sonesta Hotel in the New Orleans French QuarterNew Orleans has some of the finest world class hotels anywhere and hotels to fit any budget. New Orleans is represented by nearly all the major hotel chains. New Orleans also has many smaller, unique boutique hotels located among the French Quarter hotels and in the downtown areas of the historic Central Business District, the Warehouse District and Garden District.

French Quarter Hotels
New Orleans French Quarter hotels are unlike any other hotels in the world. The balconies of New Orleans French Quarter Maison DuPuy Hotel Courtyard in the French Quarterhotels provide the best vantage points in town for enjoying New Orleans Mardi Gras celebrations or just watching the crowds pass below on any day or night of the year. During Mardi Gras, your French Quarter hotel balcony transforms into a stationary Mardi Gras float as you toss Mardi Gras beads to the passing crowds below. New Orleans French Quarter hotels possess some of the most beautiful patios and courtyards in the city. The patios of French Quarter hotels are beautifully landscaped, surrounded by history and the perfect place to enjoy a New Orleans style cocktail. You won’t find a more romantic ambiance than the patios and courtyards of New Orleans French Quarter Hotels.

Downtown and Warehouse District Hotels
Across Canal Street from the French Quarter are the New Orleans Central Streetcar in Downtown New OrleansBusiness District and the Warehouse District. In these downtown districts and along Canal Street are the largest New Orleans hotels. Internationally known hotel names like Hilton Hotels, Ramada Hotels and Sheraton Hotels are all located here. New Orleans hotels in these districts are within walking distance of the Louisiana Superdome, boutiques, restaurants and art galleries.

Garden District Hotels
Further up river from the downtown hotels is the New Orleans Garden District and some of the most elegant hotels in the city. Maison Saint Charles Hotel in the Garden DistrictAlong Saint Charles Avenue, the route of the New Orleans streetcars, are smaller boutique hotels that provide world class service to visitors in quieter, residential neighborhoods with beautiful 19th century Victorian homes. Hotels in the New Orleans Garden District are close to some of New Orleans best restaurants, antique shops, boutiques and art galleries.

There are fine hotels all around New Orleans. Beyond the French Quarter hotels, Garden District hotels and downtown hotels are hundreds of hotels catering to every budget. Generally the further from downtown and the French Quarter you go, the more reasonably priced the hotels become. But New Orleans is not a large city and can be transversed from end to end in less than an hour even during peak rush hours. Driving from hotels in the suburbs, such as Metairie, Kenner the Westbank and New Orleans East, you can still be in the French Quarter in about a half hour.

We’ve collected over 130 New Orleans hotels. Enjoy your online virtual tours of New Orleans finest hotels. .
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New Orleans Restaurants - SEE ALL

Many visitors to New Orleans plan their entire vacation around New Orleans restaurants and forsake all other tours and attractions in the city. New Orleans has such a large selection of unique restaurants that you can spend your entire visit New Orleans Restaurantsenjoying great cuisine that is just not readily available in most American cities. From French, Cajun, and Creole restaurants to Italian, Greek, Asian and Latin restaurants, fresh Louisiana seafood is on almost every restaurants menu. When planning your culinary tour of New Orleans restaurants, remember, in Louisiana there are four seasons: oyster, crawfish, shrimp and crab seasons!

We’ve collected websites of over 200 New Orleans Restaurants. Start your culinary tour with a virtual tour of New Orleans restaurants and their menus. Many websites for New Orleans restaurants let you make reservations online and even offer recipes of their favorite dishes. Bon Apétit!

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New Orleans area Casinos - SEE ALL

Gambling has been a favorite attraction and source of entertainment in New Orleans for nearly 300 New Orleans Casinosyears. Gambling in New Orleans includes casinos, horse racing at the New Orleans Fairgrounds and the Louisiana Lottery. Visitors to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast can make their own tours of nearby casinos from New Orleans to Biloxi, Mississippi. New Orleans area casinos include the Treasure Chest Casino in nearby Kenner and the Boomtown Casino in Harvey, Louisiana just across the Mississippi River from New Orleans.
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New Orleans Antique Shops - SEE ALL

New Orleans is famous for its antiques and antique shops. New Orleans antique dealers travel the world to bring back the finest antiques from Europe, Asia and South America. New Orleans homes have always been a treasure trove of antiques. Fine antiques, passed down for generations, can be found in New Orleans homes all over the city. Quite often, antiques are part of the décor of New Orleans hotels, restaurants and bed and breakfasts.

A 19th century Armoire from New OrleansThe New Orleans French Quarter is the center of antique shops in the city. Royal Street, especially, is lined with antique shops offering fine 18th and 19th century French and English antiques as well as antiques and objects d’art from around the world. You’ll find antique shops offering everything from antique maps and prints to antique coins, swords and even dueling pistols.

Beyond the French Quarter antique shops is Magazine Street. With miles of shops, restaurants, boutiques and art galleries, Magazine Street is home to more antique shops than anywhere else in the city except the French Quarter. Located just downriver from downtown New Orleans, Magazine Street runs parallel to the Mississippi River from the Garden District to River Bend at the far side of New Orleans Uptown neighborhoods. Magazine Street runs through the University District and Audubon Park and was for over 100 years, the center of shopping in New Orleans. Today, the many antique shops on Magazine Street offer the serious and casual antique shopper plenty of antique shopping choices from high end antiques and objects d’art to affordable curios.

Let your mouse do the walking when shopping for antiques in New Orleans. Take virtual tours of New Orleans antique shops and their antiques without leaving your computer! Tour New Orleans antique shops from Magazine Street in the Garden District to Royal Street in the French Quarter

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New Orleans Bars and Clubs - SEE ALL

If you want a drink any time of day or night, New Orleans is the right town. There are bars in New Orleans to suite Lafitte's Blacksmith Shopanybody's taste from piano bars and jazz clubs to patio bars and hideaways. The most popular bars in New Orleans are the live music clubs that provide visitors and natives alike with great New Orleans music played by the best New Orleans bands and musicians. Your visit to the Big Easy isn’t complete until you’ve had cocktails on a romantic French Quarter patio or listened to a live jazz band in the city that gave birth to jazz!
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Save Our Cemeteries
Bringing New Orleans’ Cities
of the Dead back to life!

Save Our CeneteriesSave Our Cemeteries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in New Orleans, LA. Our mission is to preserve, protect, and promote the historic cemeteries of New Orleans through restoration, education, and advocacy.  At present we are dedicated to 31 area cemeteries.

Save Our Cemeteries offers regular cemetery tours, lectures and programming for members and the general public and does restoration of abandoned tombs.

Save Our Cemeteries depends on the kindness & generosity of people like you to support our work of preserving, protecting & promoting the historic cemeteries of New Orleans.

Go to Save Our Cemeteries

New Orleans Music - SEE ALL

Music is by far the most popular form of New Orleans entertainment. The birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans is also known for its great blues, R&B and New Orleans Jazz Bandits own brand of jazzy funk music. We’ve collected hundreds of New Orleans music websites including New Orleans live music clubs, New Orleans bands and musicians, New Orleans music guides, shopping for New Orleans music CDs, New Orleans DJs, music stores and more. For everything you need to know about New Orleans and Louisiana music including who’s playing and where…
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Welcome to New Orleans

Welcome to New Orleans!There’s a lot to see and do in New Orleans. From all the great food, music, art, architecture and history to the fun of all the attractions and festivities, it’s hard to know where to start. To make it easy for first time as well as regular visitors to New Orleans, we’ve collected all the best New Orleans websites, from Antoine’s to Zydeco, in one directory for you to enjoy. has thousands of New Orleans tourism related websites, conveniently listed in categories. The categories are grouped under major topics and each major topic has its own Guide Page that highlights points of interest.

The major topics and Guide Pages include: Entertainment, Food, Music, Arts, Recreation, Tours, Mardi Gras and this page, the New Orleans Tourist Guide. Enjoy and “Laissez les bons temps rouler!”

New Orleans Gifts, Home Decor, Gift Baskets and more

New Orleans Basics
Before you walk the streets of the French Quarter, before you take your first tour of New Orleans historic homes and haunted cemeteries or even tours of the neighboring swamps or plantations, take a moment to learn a few basics about New Orleans that will help put this strange and wonderful city in perspective.

New Orleans is a cultural island at the edge of America. New Orleans doesn’t fit nicely into any regional mold. She’s a Southern city Welcome to Louisiana!where the residents sound like Northerners, a Middle American city with a West Coast like libertine culture and a Catholic city in the Protestant Bible Belt. Unique among American cities, New Orleans has its own food, its own music, its own holidays and its own pace. While most American cities showcase what is new and modern, New Orleans has retained its old homes, architecture, historic districts and charm. Under the surface and seldom witnessed by tourists are the uniquely New Orleans cultures of Mardi Gras Krewes, Mardi Gras Indians and Jazz funerals

New Orleans is shaped by water.
New Orleans was founded by the French in 1718 on the banks of the Mississippi River where the mile wide river meanders through a vast water world of swamps, lakes and marshes before emptying into the New Orleans and the Mississippi RiverGulf of Mexico. New Orleans is sandwiched between the Mississippi River to the south and Lake Pontchartrain to the north. East and west of New Orleans are more lakes, swamps and marshes effectively making New Orleans an island or “L’Isle d’Orléans” as the French called it. The oldest (and highest) parts of New Orleans are built on ground that is scarcely a few feet above sea level. To keep water out, New Orleans is surrounded by the largest levee system this side of Holland. The levees also do a good job of keeping water in, so with the most annual rainfall of any city in the country, 63”, New Orleans is dependent on its gargantuan system of pumps and canals to get the water out when it rains. In New Orleans, the umbrella has transcended being a useful personal accessory to the level of a cultural symbol. You just can’t have a proper New Orleans second line parade without umbrellas.

New Orleans has its own ambiance and attitude. With all the great music, food and festivities, New Orleans can feel like an endless celebration of good New Orleans Festivitiesliving or “joie de vivre”. The residents of New Orleans and South Louisiana have always been one plague or hurricane away from disaster. These regular reminders of life’s fragility have impressed generations of Cajuns and New Orleaneans with the importance of taking time out to appreciate and enjoy the good things in life. The English phrase “Let the good times role!” translates into French as “Laissez les bons temps rouler!”. The residents of New Orleaneans and Cajuns in this vulnerable region of Louisiana, have made it their motto.

Les Fleur-de-Lis, The symbol of New OrleansNew Orleans also has the feel of a film noir. Its odd customs, old buildings, rainy days, late night parties, all night bars, mysterious cemeteries and tales of ghosts and vampires can make New Orleans feel dark, strange, sexy, romantic and even a little dangerous. Its history of red light districts, illicit romances, voodoo, pirates, duels and political plots just add to the mystique. Whether you find New Orleans to be your thrill ride of great food, music and entertainment or your romantic escape from mainstream America, you’re not going to feel the same in any other city.

New Orleans is a major ethnic melting pot. New Orleans has always been a city of many races and creeds. Founded by the French, New Orleans became a Spanish colony and then a Flags flown over New OrleansFrench territory once again before being sold by Napoleon to the Americans as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. New Orleans had a multicultural population of French, Spanish, Africans, Native Americans, Creoles, Cajuns, Filipinos and Caribbean Islanders long before she became an American city. The oldest Asian community in the entire USA are the Filipinos that came to New Orleans in the late 1700s during the Spanish colonial period.

After New Orleans and Louisiana became part of the United States, Americans of English, Scottish, German and Irish descendant came down the Mississippi to settle in New Orleans. More Germans and Irish arrived from Europe and then by the end of the 19th century, large numbers of Italians, Jews and Greeks began arriving in New Orleans. By the early 20th century, Latin Americans and Chinese immigrants were well established in New Orleans.

In the last decades, New Orleans has become home to immigrants from all over the world, especially Viet Nam, India and the Middle East. The diverse ethnic groups that make up New Orleans have all contributed to New Orleans incredibly vibrant food culture and restaurant scene.

New Orleans is more than the French Quarter.
To really experience New Mississippi River steamboat at nightOrleans, you have to go beyond the French Quarter and downtown (the souvenir zone). Just follow the river and you’ll discover neighborhood after neighborhood of historic homes, small family restaurants, live music clubs, art galleries, bed and breakfasts, boutiques and antique shops. Downriver from New Orleans are the Faubourg Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods, home to many of New Orleans artists and musicians, charming old bed and breakfasts and the best jazz clubs in the city.

Upriver from downtown and the French Quarter is the Warehouse District with its The Warehouse Districtchic condominiums and cafés. Upriver from the Warehouse District is the Garden District, with its 19th century mansions and legendary restaurants. The historic neighborhoods with their grand old homes, tropical gardens and majestic live oaks extend all along the Mississippi River, into Uptown New Orleans, past Tulane and Loyola Universities and Audubon Park and into River Bend and Carrollton.

Along the river, beyond the New Orleans city limits, is the Great River Road that follows the Mississippi River (both sides!). You can follow it all The Lake Pontchartrain Causewaythe way to Minnesota if you have the time. Follow it now and you’ll enter Jefferson Parish, home base of the New Orleans Saints and the New Orleans Zephyrs and lot of great seafood restaurants from Grand Isle to Bucktown. The Huey P. Long Bridge and Lake Pontchartrain Causeway (the world’s longest over water bridge), both in Jefferson, offer magnificent views of New Orleans.

The other great geographic feature of New Orleans, besides the Mississippi River, is Lake Pontchartrain. Lake Pontchartrain is a very large beautiful lake and the northern boundary of New Orleans. The winding Lakeshore Drive offers beautiful views along the lake with plenty of places to pull over and have a relaxing picnic or just take a break from the crowd.

Between the Lake and the River, near City Park, are more historic A Creole Cottageneighborhoods like Mid-City and Faubourg St John with great restaurants and quaint bed and breakfasts. Near City Park are the Fairgrounds, home of horse racing in New Orleans and the New Orleans Jazz Fest. Also near City Park are historic above ground cemeteries like Metairie and Saint Patrick’s Cemeteries. City Park has golf courses, botanical gardens and some of the oldest live oaks in America.

A New Orleans banquet (sidewalk)Wherever you go in New Orleans, you’ll discover something that will make the side trip worthwhile. It may be something great to eat, a quaint café, a streetcar ride, a beautiful park or something with a history to tell. It may be a walk down a quiet French Quarter street or the sweet sounds of a street musician playing jazz tunes into the night. If you spend enough time getting to know New Orleans, you’ll begin to understand why so many visitors fall in love with the city and always return.

New Orleans Tourist Attractions - SEE ALL

New Orleans has attractions for every member of the family. Children will be delighted by such attractions as the nationally recognized Audubon Zoo, the Aquarium of the Americas, the Audubon Insectarium and the IMax Theater. The entire family One of New Orleans favorite tourist attractionswill enjoy attractions near New Orleans such as the Global Wildlife Center in nearby Folsom, Louisiana, alligator farms such as the Insta-Gator Ranch and Hatchery in nearby Covington, Louisiana and Mardi Gras World across the Mississippi River from New Orleans. All these attractions are within an hour drive of New Orleans. Other New Orleans area attractions for the entire family include the Planetariums in nearby Kenner and Luling, Louisiana. Adult attractions in New Orleans include the casinos, live music clubs, Longue Vue Gardens and the New Orleans Fairgrounds, the oldest race track in the country.

Visit the websites of all your favorite New Orleans attractions from the Audubon Zoo the Aquarium of the Americas.

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Many New Orleans photos courtesy of New Orleans photographer Nicole Nichols Photography

New Orleans Tours - SEE ALL

When in New Orleans, be sure to take tours of the city. There’s no easier way to learn about New Orleans, its culture and history than taking tours of the city. New Orleans has many kinds of tours available, all of them interesting, informative and a lot of fun. Since time is limited for most visitors to New Orleans, the only question is what kind of tours to take. New Orleans French Quarter tours include: walking tours, bicycle tours, carriage tours, haunted and voodoo tours.

To see more of New Orleans, beyond the French Quarter, consider taking bus tours or even hired limousine tours. Bus tours of New Orleans will take you to all the points of interest around the city from the Garden District to the lakefront. Beyond New Orleans consider taking plantation tours and even Cajun swamp tours. All the tours, from French Quarter tours to swamp tours will entertain, inform and delight!
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New Orleans Walking, Bicycle and Carriage Tours
Perhaps no other tours of New Orleans are more A French Quarter Street Cornerintimate and close up than walking, bicycle and carriage tours. The tour guides are very entertaining. New Orleans tour guides are true lovers of New Orleans and New Orleans history. They will point out the most interesting facts, trivia and stories about New Orleans and the French Quarter, all the while keeping you entertained with strange and amusing stories about the city. Many walking tours also include tours through New Orleans historic homes and buildings. Carriage tours start at Jackson Square and give tourists a special connection with history as they tour New Orleans in classic 19th century style transportation.
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New Orleans Guided Bus Tours
A motor coach tour of New Orleans is a relaxing way to tour the city and see the sights. Motor coach tours, or bus tours, allow you to travel around the city in comfort. Bus tours of New Orleans often make stops at special points of interest in the city that allow visitors to stretch their legs and see interesting historical and cultural sights up close. Tour routes often include the New Orleans Garden District, including Saint Charles Avenue with its grand Victorian era mansions, New Orleans parks such as Audubon Park and City Park, rich in history dating to colonial times and even plantations in the New Orleans area. For the ultimate New Orleans tour, consider hiring a limousine service that specializes in limousine tours of the city.
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New Orleans Cemetery Tours, Ghost, Haunted Houses & Voodoo Tours

Part of the mystique of New Orleans is its old buildings with their New Orleans Cemeteriesstories and legends, its above ground cemeteries and its history of voodoo. New Orleans ghost or haunted tours begin at dark when New Orleans takes on a special mystique and feel. New Orleans is a different city as night falls where the stories of ghosts and legends of deceit, illicit romance and betrayal dating to French Colonial days are easy to imagine. The costumed guides of New Orleans haunted tours with their animated story telling, take tourists back in time to the beginnings of these haunted legends.

Cemetery tours in New Orleans are a unique experience. New Orleans cemeteries, with their rows of above ground tombs dating back to French colonial days, are known as “cities of the dead”. The tombs are often beautiful works of art and architecture that resemble small cities. Because of the low elevation of New Orleans and its high water table, New Orleaneans must bury their dead above ground, creating cemeteries unlike any others in America.

The most famous tomb in New Orleans is that of Marie Laveau, New Orleans own “voodoo queen” Located in Saint Louis cemetery near the French Quarter, Marie Laveau’s tomb is covered with scratched “X”s left by visitors asking for spiritual interdiction by the New Orleans Queen of Voodoo in the form of a favor and sometimes a curse. New Orleans voodoo tours are often incorporated into New Orleans walking tours or even guided bus tours.
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Cajun Swamp Tours
Louisiana’s most famous inhabitants are the Cajuns. French settlers, A Louisiana Alligatorexpelled by the British from Canada in the 1760s, the Cajuns or Acadians as they were originally known, found their way to French Louisiana and adapted well to the marshes and swamps of their new home. Cajun swamp tours are the perfect way to experience the wild beauty of Louisiana wetlands. Often just minutes from the French Quarter, Cajun swamp tours are led by authentic Cajun swamp guides are totally at home in the swamps. The tours include voyages through Louisiana’s most beautiful swamps and marshes either by airboat or watercraft especially designed to carry tourists comfortably on their tour.
Go to Louisiana Cajun Swamp Tours

Louisiana Plantation Tours
Some of the most beautiful buildings constructed in America were the homes of plantation owners in Louisiana. Plantation tours include numerous plantations located within an hour or so of New Orleans. The grand avenue of antebellum A Louisiana Plantationplantations is the Mississippi River, home to half of all millionaires in America before the outbreak of the Civil War. These majestic old structures are often fully restored with period antiques and beautifully landscaped grounds. The most beautiful of all Louisiana Plantations is Oak Alley Plantation just an hour away from New Orleans on the Mississippi River! Louisiana has more plantations open for tours than any other state.

Plantation tours give tourists to Louisiana the added attraction of seeing a bit of the Louisiana countryside with its ancient live oaks covered in Spanish moss, small towns and old buildings scattered around rural Louisiana.
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Mississippi River Cruises
New Orleans is the Queen of the Mississippi River. The river is the reason New Orleans exists and to Mississippi River Paddlewheelersee and feel the special relationship between New Orleans and the Mississippi River there’s nothing better than a tour of the city and the port on a Mississippi River cruise. Of all the New Orleans tours you may take while in New Orleans, your tour of the city from the deck of a Mississippi riverboat may be the most memorable. Your cruise will offer views of the city, the Port of New Orleans and the majestic Mississippi River bridges that simply cannot be seen from any other tour or vantage point.
Go to Mississippi River Cruises is your guide to over 100 New Orleans and Louisiana Tours website
s including Louisiana Cajun Swamp Tours, New Orleans Bus and Limousine Tours, Louisiana Plantations Tours, Aerial Tours and Mississippi River Cruises. Choose from walking tours through the French Quarter to plantation tours along the Mississippi River and Louisiana bayous to Cajun Swamp Tours through Louisiana’s beautiful wetlands.
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New Orleans Bed and Breakfasts - SEE ALL

If you’re staying in New Orleans and want to experience the feel of New Orleans most charming neighborhoods and history, New Orleans Bed and BreakfastsNew Orleans bed and breakfasts are the best way to immerse yourself in the city’s romantic history and ambiance. New Orleans bed and breakfasts are most often located in New Orleans old historic homes, built long ago and often for New Orleans most affluent residents. Furnished with period antiques, these charming old homes have been meticulously renovated to retain the elegant details of their past glory while accommodating the needs of modern bed and breakfast visitors.

French Quarter Bed and Breakfasts
For the most romantic, intimate stay in New Orleans, consider staying at one of the French Quarter bed and breakfasts. These French Quarter Bed and Breakfastsbed and breakfasts are located in centuries old buildings from the New Orleans French and Spanish colonial eras. They provide the French Quarter visitor the experience of staying in the same bed rooms and accommodations used by early colonists of New Orleans, but of course, with modern amenities. The French Quarter bed and breakfasts are within easy walking distance of Bourbon Street, Royal Street and all the French Quarter restaurants, music clubs, antique shops, boutiques and attractions.

Faubourg Marigny Bed and Breakfasts
Just downriver from the French Quarter and across Esplanade Avenue is the historic district of Faubourg Marigny. Settled by the French in 1800 as New Orleans second neighborhood, the by the Faubourg Marigny more bed and breakfasts within walking distance of the French Quarter than any other New Orleans neighborhood. The Faubourg Marigny bed and breakfasts are Faubourg Marigny Bed and  Breakfastslocated in lovingly restored old French Creole homes, often hundreds of years old. The bed and breakfasts in the Faubourg Marigny are usually modestly priced and offer the opportunity for the visitors to experience the feel of living in one of New Orleans oldest neighborhoods. Although not known for its boutiques and art galleries, the Faubourg Marigny is home to a large community of New Orleans artists and musicians. Some of the best New Orleans music clubs and cafes are located in the Faubourg Marigny, especially on Frenchmen Street, and are all within a few blocks of bed and breakfasts in the neighborhood.

Garden District and Uptown Bed and Breakfasts
Upriver from downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter are the Garden District and the Uptown neighborhoods. These old residential neighborhoods are full of Streetcar in Uptown New Orleansbed and breakfasts fashioned from 19th century homes and mansions. Easily accessible to the French Quarter by car or streetcar, the bed and breakfasts in this part of New Orleans are often in quiet neighborhoods where the bed and breakfasts blend into the scenery of elegant old homes and gardens. The bed and breakfasts are close to many great restaurants scattered throughout the neighborhoods. Running through the neighborhoods, and often just blocks from the bed and breakfasts, is Magazine Street with more boutiques, antique shops and art galleries than any street in New Orleans outside the French Quarter. The Audubon Zoo is also just a short distance from New Orleans Uptown and Garden District bed and breakfasts.

We’ve collected websites for over 100 New Orleans bed and breakfasts from the French Quarter to Faubourg Marigny to the Garden District and all around New Orleans. Enjoy virtual online tours of great bed and breakfasts in historic neighborhoods all around New Orleans including bed and breakfasts in the historic City Park and Saint John neighborhoods near Lake Pontchartrain. From quaint bed and breakfasts in historic French Quarter homes with hidden patios and entertainment just steps from your door to bed and breakfasts in grand Victorian mansions in the Garden District, your visit to New Orleans will always be remembered when you stay in a charming and historic New Orleans bed and breakfast.

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New Orleans & Louisiana Festivals -

Festivals are year round in Louisiana and great music and food are always plentiful. Festivals in Louisiana almost always center around a favorite New Orleans FestivalsLouisiana food or music genre. We've collected websites for over 100 festivals from music festivals such as jazz, gospel, Cajun music and zydeco festivals to food festivals such as shrimp, crab, crawfish and Cajun food festivals. You'll find plenty of great music and food at every festival you visit.
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New Orleans Museums - SEE ALL

Museums are everywhere in New Orleans and are some of New Orleans most popular tourist attractions. Tourists in New Orleans can find first class New Orleans Museum of Artmuseums on just about any topic. History museums range from the Civil War Museum to the VooDoo Museum to the nationally recognized National World War II Museum. The Musee Conti Wax Museum in the French Quarter is a favorite for families and displays the history of New Orleans in beautifully recreated scenes with life like wax figures. Tourists can relax and enjoy fine art at the New Orleans Museum of Art in City Park or learn the history of Jazz at the New Orleans Jazz Museum in the French Quarter. We’ve collected websites for over 50 New Orleans and Louisiana museums and historic sites.
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