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New Orleans News and Weather Guide

New Orleans area
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Traffic Advisories

Louisiana DOT Traveler Information
New Orleans area live traffic advisories and dozens of live traffic cams in the New Orleans area. Just click on the camera icons on the interactive map for live cams. From the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. Get reports or check local traffic including search for cameras on your next route.
Go to the Louisiana DOT Website

Causeway Advisory
Check advisories and Traffic Cams on The Lake Pontchartrain Causewaythe North and South shore before you cross the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. Toll tag information.
Go to the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge Website

Absolute Computer Solutions of Metairie, Louisiana

Absolute Computer Solutions

Need Computer Repairs in your home or office?
We come to you! 
Absolute Computer Solutions has been repairing computers in the Greater New Orleans area for over 15 years. Fast Service! Great rates! We come to you!
Go to the Absolute Computer Solutions Website

New Orleans Television Stations - SEE ALL

Television in New Orleans began in December of 1948 when WDSU (Channel 6) went on the air to broadcast to the New Orleans area for the first time. By 1957, New Orleans had four broadcast TV station including WVUE (now Channel 8), New Orleans TV  Stations first went on the air in 1948.WWL (Channel 4) and the local public station, WYES (now Channel 12). Until the 1970s, only the broadcast stations were available on local TV sets. Then came cable TV. At the beginning, local cable TV only offered one channel, HBO, but one by one new channels were added. Today, cable and satellite TV bring hundreds of TV channels to New Orleans in addition to the eight broadcast television stations in the New Orleans area.
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New Orleans TV ProgrammingFor programming and listings
of all your favorite TV shows including those on cable TV, satellite TV and the local broadcast TV stations…
Go to New Orleans Television Programming and Listings

New Orleans Radio Stations - SEE ALL

We’ve listed 39 radio stations in the New Orleans area including internet radio websites that are dedicated to playing Louisiana and New Orleans music! If you love New Orleans and Louisiana music, New Orleans Radio  Stationsmost New Orleans radio stations can be heard online on their websites. Streaming audio and video technology lets you hear you favorite New Orleans radio station or watch your favorite New Orleans television station over the internet from anywhere in the world. In addition to the many New Orleans radio stations that focus on local music, we’ve included websites for local radio stations with every format from talk radio to Christian radio. Been away from New Orleans? This category is especially popular with the many New Orleaneans that are displaced around the country since Hurricane Katrina. Sometimes you just gotta hear some New Orleans music and that local accent. Where y’at, cuz?
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U.S. and World News - SEE ALL

The National and World News category has 45 of the best national and international news websites on the internet. U.S. and World NewsYou’ll find all the big league news websites such as CNN, the BBC and Fox News. News websites for all the major broadcast networks such as ABC and CBS are all listed in this category and the websites of the most recognized newspapers such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Included are websites for some of the more popular European news publications such as Der Spiegel and the LeMonde. There are news related websites of special interest such as Jane’s Intelligence Weekly and National Geograhic News as well as news websites of religious interest such as CBN and the Jerusalem Post.

Arianna and Glenn together at last! We included news websites with plenty of political commentary from both sides of the isle. Conservatives and liberals alike will love reading and critiquing the other guy’s favorite websites! No more relying on second hand stories from your favorite political pundits. All the hottest political news and opinions on the web are only a click away!
As the World Turns!Go to National and World News

New Orleans Weather - SEE ALL

New Orleans is a city who’s very culture is defined by the weather. Her location on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico makes New Orleans New Orleans Weather Websitesvulnerable to hurricanes and rising water from the tropical rains that make New Orleans the wettest city in the country. (not Seattle, y’all). The umbrella is a symbol, not of the city like the fleur de lis or Saint Louis Cathedral, but of the people who live there. No proper celebratory gathering of New Orleaneans from weddings to 50th anniversary parties goes on without some New Orleans jazz music and the participants dancing, second line style, while waving their umbrellas in time with the beat.

We’ve collected links to 16 weather websites and selected some favorites. Whenever possible, the links go directly to their New Orleans weather page. New Orleans Weather WebsitesWe’ve also featured the best and most popular weather websites and linked them also directly to their New Orleans weather webpages. Also included are links to the weather webpages of the local New Orleans TV stations and other weather related websites that are particularly informative or useful.
Go to New Orleans Weather

New Orleans and Louisiana Publications

This category includes the websites of 39 New Orleans and Louisiana publications. In the era of computers and the internet, old Johannes Gutenberg invention is still around and printing publications. Printing has come a long way since the 15th century when the German goldsmith first squeezed ink from those tiny lead letters onto a New Orleans  Newspapers and Publicationssheet of paper. Interesting enough his invention, the printing press, gave easy access of information to the masses and helped kick off a few revolutions. Sound familiar? One wonders what will replace the internet in a few hundred years. No doubt they’ll still be old schoolers hanging on to old 21st century internet technology much like the readers and printers of today’s publications still enjoy the printed page. But like your moma’s recipe for red beans or meatballs that’s been around for a long, long time, you really like it and you don’t want to let it go.

We’ve collected websites to over 30 publications in New Orleans and around Louisiana. You’ll find websites to all sorts of Louisiana publications including local daily newspapers, weeklies, periodicals and glossy magazines. All are published in Louisiana. Some, like local newspapers, are published as sources of information for a specific town or parish while others are published for readers of certain topics from Louisiana culture to business.
Go to New Orleans and Louisiana Publications, Newspapers and Magazines

New Orleans Sports News - SEE ALL

Attention Sports fans! We’ve collected links to 29 of the best national and local sports websites.
Included are the top national sports news websites and links to the best sports news webpages of the of Sports Newsthe national news websites. There are sports websites of special interest such as the Pro Football Hall of Fame and websites that focus on Louisiana sports news. Also included are links to the sports webpages of local New Orleans television and radio statons.
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For New Orleans Saints,
Pelicans, Zephyrs, LSU and Tulane Sports News...
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