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Support the Troops

Want to Support the Troops?
Each month about 4000 servicemen and women from around the world use the New Orleans Website Directory. Some are curious about New Orleans and some are just touching home. If you wish to write emails to members of the military here are some great sites that will help you reach them.
You will also find Veterans Aid sites as well as patriotic sites.

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New Orleans Adoption Agencies - SEE ALL

There are many children in New Orleans and Louisiana in need of parents and a real home.
New Orleans Children
There are also many childless couples that seek to have a child of their own as well as many couples willing to expand their family to include a child that was unwanted. We’ve collected websites for many fine organizations, both secular and faith based, that match parentless children with couples wanting to adopt. Included are websites for both local and national organizations and adoption agencies that have a long history of helping couples adopt a child.
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New Orleans area Clubs and Hobbies

There are plenty of things to do in New Orleans. The most common hobbies are sports from fishing and hunting to being a Saints or LSU fan. After that New Orleans music, art, food and gardens become Sailing in New Orleansbeloved lifelong hobbies for many New Orleaneans. In this category, we’ve collected websites for clubs and organizations representing all hobbies in the New Orleans area with separate links to categories for sports, art, and music fans.

Some of the hobbies represented by clubs and organizations in this category are web sites for sailing, bicycling, sports car enthusiasts, environmentalists and marching clubs. If you enjoy the French language and culture, we’ve included even web sites for organizations dedicated to preserving Louisiana's cultural links to France.
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See also: New Orleans Saints Fans, Art Organizations, Music Organizations

Civic and Volunteer Organizations in Louisiana and the New Orleans area

New Orleans NeighborhoodsNew Orleans Neighborhood Associations and Civic Groups
New Orleans has many great neighborhoods. Many of these neighborhoods are historic districts with special requirements and other older neighborhoods with special issues such as aging architecture and infrastructure.

Neighborhood associations and civic groups give residents in these neighborhoods the opportunity to organize and pursue common goals that benefit everyone in the community. Some of the neighborhood organizations represented on the web are for the neighborhoods of the French Quarter, By Water, Faubourg Marigny, Fontainbleau, Faubourg Delachaise, Faubourg Saint John and Gentilly. Included in this category are websites for non-government neighborhood groups and civic organizations in the New Orleans area plus alumni, ethnic and special interest groups and organizations dedicated to the preservation of New Orleans historic homes, buildings and neighborhoods. Also included are neighborhood merchant associations.

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The Preservation Resource Center is the authority on the preservation and restoration of historic homes and neighborhoods in New Orleans. The Preservation Resource Center has been preserving, restoring, and revitalizing New Orleans’ historic Preservation Resource Centerarchitecture and neighborhoods since 1974. Throughout its history, the Preservation Resource Center has acted as an advocacy agent on a local, regional, and national scale, spreading the word about the city’s rich architectural heritage and the economic importance of preserving this heritage. The Preservation Resource Center also takes a hands-on approach to preservation, with a history of successfully restoring over 1,300 properties. Since August 2005, the Preservation Resource Center has restored over 300 homes with a value of more than $10 million.
Go to the Preservation Resource Center

Community Organizations and Volunteering in New Orleans and Louisiana
The New Orleans area can use your help! There are many ways to volunteer your services locally with plenty of information online. This category includes sites for local community organizations that are charity oriented and other volunteering organizations for many different causes in New Orleans and Louisiana. After the disasters of Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill, residents of New Orleans and Louisiana are more aware than ever of the importance of community involvement and getting involved with organizations that improve the lives of Louisianians.

Many charitable and activist organizations began in Louisiana in the aftermath of these recent disasters including organizations for Katrina survivors and organizations dedicated to saving the coastal environment. In addition to these new organizations are websites for local organizations that have been helping Louisianians for many years. You can browse the websites of all these organizations when choosing to volunteer your time or contribute money to their causes.

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Education in the New Orleans area

There are hundreds of schools and colleges in the New Orleans area serving the educational need of their communities. Included in this category are websites for schools and institutions at all levels of education including elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities. Also included are websites for all levels of small child care and education from private nurseries and child day care centers to schools that offer kindergarten classes as part of their overall education of children of all ages. Included are websites for business schools which play a large part in the education and job training of New Orleans area residents and local libraries from university libraries to the libraries of the local public school systems. 
Go to websites for the following categories:

New Orleans Schools
Business/Technical Schools
Day Care/Kindergarten
Elementary Schools
Middle & High Schools

Government and Politics in Louisiana and the New Orleans area

Looking for official government websites for the City of New Orleans and nearby communities?
Louisiana and New Orleans Government
We’ve collected the websites of official city and parish governments of New Orleans and parishes and towns throughout the New Orleans area and Southeast Louisiana. Also included are official sites for the State of Louisiana and important state departments from Education, Labor and the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to the websites for the Governor of Louisiana and the Louisiana State House of Representatives and Senate. Also included are websites for local police and fire departments in the New Orleans area.
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Save Our Cemeteries
Bringing New Orleans’ Cities
of the Dead back to life!

Save Our CeneteriesSave Our Cemeteries
is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in New Orleans, LA. Our mission is to preserve, protect, and promote the historic cemeteries of New Orleans through restoration, education, and advocacy.  At present we are dedicated to 31 area cemeteries.

Save Our Cemeteries offers regular cemetery tours, lectures and programming for members and the general public and does restoration of abandoned tombs.

Save Our Cemeteries depends on the kindness & generosity of people like you to support our work of preserving, protecting & promoting the historic cemeteries of New Orleans.

Go to Save Our Cemeteries

Religion in the New Orleans area

This category includes websites for New Orleans area places of worship and religious organizations.
New Orleans Churches
The websites are a great place to learn more about New Orleans area faith based communities and their places of worship. Many of the older New Orleans churches and synagogues such as Saint Louis Cathedral and Touro Synagogue are historic and architectural treasures in the communities they serve. Their websites are a great place to learn more about the history of these notable religious landmarks.

Go to New Orleans area Churches, Synagogues and Other Places of Worship

New Orleans Churches, an historical photo album
Churches in New Orleans and Louisiana are a large part of the cultural and architectural heritage that makes our region unique.

New Orleans ChurchesNew Orleans Churches is a really great, informative website with a huge collection of interior and exterior photos of churches from all over southeast Louisiana. The website includes many views of each church such as the splendid interior of St. Louis Cathedral shown here. The New Orleans Churches website also includes photos of churches in Jefferson, Saint Bernard, Saint Tammany, Tangipahoa, Lafourche, Terrebonne, Saint Charles, Saint John and other parishes in the New Orleans area.
Go to New Orleans Churches .com

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New Orleans and Louisiana History

New Orleans and Louisiana are rich in history. Over 300 years of recorded history from the French New Orleans Historyand Spanish colonial eras through the Louisiana Purchase, the Battle of New Orleans, the Civil War and into modern times make Louisiana and especially New Orleans rich in history. Included in this category are websites for all things historical in New Orleans and Louisiana including historical societies, heritage centers and websites that document all eras of Louisiana and New Orleans history. Also included are many ethnic groups from native Americans to Cajuns.
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New Orleans & Louisiana Heritage & Genealogy
Research your own personal family tree on the A Louisiana Family Treemore than 50 genealogy and heritage websites for New Orleans and Louisiana. Includes websites specifically for New Orleans and Louisiana.

Especially popular are websites that document the history of the French, Acadian and Cajun cultures in Louisiana as well as sites specifically documenting French and Cajun family genealogies in Louisiana. Also included are the Scottish, Irish, English and German ancestory.

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