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New Orleans Bands and Musicians
New Orleans Bands
and Musicians

New Orleans, Louisiana
New Orleans Dixieland Jazz also known as Traditional Jazz began at the start of the 20th Century. Our most famous of Jazz players is the great Louie Armstrong who went onto national fame and is still loved and honored here in the Big Easy.
Even today, you can hear the sounds of traditional jazz being played at our music festivals, New Orleans Weddings, during parades and even on the streets of the French Quarter.
There’s still an influence of it in our New Orleans Funk sound.

Dr. Jazz and the New Orleans Sounds
New Orleans Bands
and Musicians

New Orleans, Louisiana
You can hear the sounds of this great city through her music:
New Orleans Dixieland Jazz, New Orleans Funky, traditional jazz, rhythm and blues, zydeco, cajun music, southern rock, hip-hop, Latin sounds, classic rock, heavy metal, soul music, pop music, gospel and country music. Live music clubs fill the nights air with the melodic sounds of New Orleans and her unique culture. Don’t forget our classical musicians who will create the perfect mood for your wedding or special events.

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